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What is Salesforce AppExchange?

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

The Salesforce AppExchange is a powerful enterprise cloud marketplace capable of solving unique business challenges quickly for any organization size, department, or industry. Launched by in 2005, the AppExchange website became the first public directory of its kind. These powerful apps impact users by automating tasks, consolidating information and systems, and more closely integrating systems with Salesforce. The AppExchange offers a blend of free and paid apps to suit any organization's needs and budget.

With thousands of apps and over 9 million downloads, it can be overwhelming to decide which apps to include. Fortunately, Salesforce offers App Guides to quickly find the best solutions for any business challenges in any field. In addition to apps, users can find components, bolt solutions, lightning data, flow solutions, and consultants.

The App Guides highlight customer-favorite apps and are organized by department or industry-specific business pain points. As apps are searched and installed, the AppExchange will personalize additional recommendations to further improve ease and efficiency.

Some of Summit's favorite apps include:

Magic Mover - An amazing app capable of migrating the classic notes to lightning enhanced notes and classic attachments to Salesforce files in an easy manner. Using this app, many attachments and notes can be converted to enhanced files in a short time.

S-Docs - A document generator that creates a variety of outputs that can combine Salesforce data from both standard and custom objects. Some documents may have many relationships to include data from formula fields, rich text, parent records, child, grandchild and related objects. Using the S-Docs template editor, the final output can be designed to have data generated from all these relationship fields. Finally, easily email finished documents directly from Salesforce and have the entire interaction captured seamlessly as an activity.

Slack - One of the most popular communication and team collaboration hubs on the market. Slack integration with Salesforce helps teams stay up to date on their records within Slack, allowing them to respond faster to new opportunities and collaborate seamlessly. Teams can receive updates to key information in Salesforce via customized notifications in Slack, as well as search and preview Salesforce records, like accounts, opportunities and cases using slash commands.

With the AppExchange, users can continue to customize their Salesforce experience to improve quality, productivity, and efficiency.

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