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What is Sales Enablement? Why Should You Care?

Sales Enablement

Sales enablement involves using content, coaching, training, and technology to help reps onboard, improve their skills, and sell better. The pressure is on sales leaders to create enablement that makes a real impact on revenue goals and prove that it works. In a world where sales is becoming increasingly challenging, sales enablement is critical to help sellers face the key challenges they encounter in their work. These include the need for sellers to be experts, the challenge of virtual selling in a hybrid world, and economic uncertainty.

To succeed in sales enablement, companies must start by identifying a specific and measurable revenue goal and then develop training that brings them closer to reaching it. They must track progress as sellers change their behavior, and adapt and learn as they pave their way to efficient growth.

This involves choosing an enablement goal, defining the behavior change required, shaping the new behavior with new training, and tracking progress. Ultimately, sales enablement has to get personal and be about giving sellers the skills and tools they need to become closing machines.

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