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Using Document Generation In Salesforce

Document generation in Salesforce

There are quite a few cases for document generation in Salesforce. Quotes and contracts are just two of them.

Salesforce has several document generation tools that connect well with its platform. PandaDoc, Conga, Nintex (formerly known as Drawloop), S-Docs, Formstack, Windward Core, Docomotion, and Opero Documents are just a few. Salesforce’s AppExchange shows 402 document generation solutions currently. Some generate branded documents, PDFs, Word documents, or even collaborative documents. Some solutions work via click, workflow, or batch.

Salesforce document generation is widely needed by platform users across industries but there are many myths and misconceptions for companies looking for a document generation solution that fully integrates with the Salesforce platform. Summit Technologies LLC offers document generation solutions on fully vetted applications to meet all their clients’ document generation needs.

What are the use cases that are relevant for your business?

If you are a Salesforce Sales Cloud user, business proposals might be the tool that takes your pipeline opportunities from open to closed won. Sales proposals can be time consuming for sales teams to generate and deliver to leads. One solution for this is to build custom proposal templates and upload them to Salesforce easily accessible to sales teams with the click of a button. A well built proposal template pulls in the bulk of the pertinent information, automatically appends the document creator or record owner’s personalization, and still allows for tweaks by the sender. Imaging saving 4-15 minutes per sales rep per proposal. How much time to focus on selling could this create in your company?

Sales and marketing teams alike have events that wow existing customers, woo potential customers, and create brand awareness and good will. Whether these are live and in person events such as a golf outing, a lunch learn, or a conference alerting people of your event with an invitation can be time consuming. If the event is virtual like a webinar or a virtual conference most companies prefer to send a series of invitations rather than a single one. Salesforce marketing platforms Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Pardot are great tools for emailing event invitations. But for sales reps to send invitations on the fly or to a batch of Salesforce campaign members is easy when event invitations are loaded as PDF files. Invitations in Salesforce with a document generator can also be printed along with mailing labels for each contact to send personalized direct mail invitations.

Automate the access data for IT administrators with document generation. While pulling login history and other org access data is relatively simple in Salesforce, customizing the presentation of that data can be a time consuming and frustrating task for IT staff. A custom document let’s administrators do a query, filter, and format data with ease.

Product engineers must document all product changes. Then customers have to be notified. With clean, accurate data in Salesforce, the process can be completely automated using document generation. The engineer documents the product change in Salesforce. A document with information about the product change is built and an email send is triggered to all customers using the product. Simple compliance with minimal manual effort!

HR teams have challenges with tracking employee time and attendance, especially with a larger than ever remote workforce. Timesheets that require data entry from employees, sign off by managers, and routing to human resources or payroll departments can be easily managed in Salesforce using a document generation and e-signature solution. Forget Google Sheets and emails which can be easily overlooked in inboxes. Even in multiple layer management scenarios such as contractors working through one agency at another location can automatically route their weekly hours for approval and signature.

Field service reps have a hefty amount of information to input after visiting a home, for example, a home inspector. Nobody wants to sit on a customer’s front porch hand writing notes that later have to be entered manually into a computer to generate a field service report to send back to the customer and other departments. With a handheld device and a document generation tool the inspector can enter all notes, generate the document, and have it digitally delivered to the customer faster and with fewer errors. Routing of the generated document can all be handled with conditional logic saving even more time.

Document generation has a role to play with channel management as well. Channel sales can provide a powerful boost to a business’s reach and brand awareness. Partners with the right tools at their fingertips sell and promote your products and services more effectively. With document generation and Experience Cloud, channel partners can complete MDF applications, route applications, and have ready access to co-branded marketing materials.


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