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Top Content Marketing Trends for Marketers in 2023

By Shannan Hearne, Summit Technologies Marketing Specialist

Content marketing trends for 2023

Creating effective and valuable content requires a deep understanding of your audience's needs and values, particularly in today's world where information is readily available. The CRM is no longer the only tool required to keep your data handy, up to date, and relevant. A true customer data platform that pulls disparate data together is a necessity.

Google's Helpful Content Update emphasizes the importance of providing real value to your audience by identifying their challenges, pain points, and goals. To create valuable content, engage in social media conversations and have real interactions with your audience, as well as look at what topics are being covered in your industry and what people are saying online.

To improve your content quality, focus on satisfying your audience's needs and answering their questions, providing a great user experience that is both authentic and practical. Tie your content strongly to your brand by aligning it with your brand voice, values, and story, and ensure that each piece of content has a clear purpose.

To create content for the real person behind the screen, it is important to understand who they are and what they are looking for. Proving the potential ROI of your product or service will be a big plus. With budgets under more scrutiny, marketers will have to focus on what really matters—return on investment (ROI). Organic search traffic will be the most important goal for marketers in 2023. Marketers will revisit SEO-driven planning and creative storytelling in their content.

In 2023, marketers will have to focus on proving the potential ROI of their product or service and prioritize organic search traffic. Brands will also cut ineffective ad spend and focus on being smarter with their marketing communications amidst economic uncertainty.

In times of economic uncertainty, brands are going to cut ineffective ad spend, stop tinkering with TikTok, and focus on being smarter with their marketing communications.

Summit Technologies LLC can help you employ Salesforce and the AI-powered Einstein to capture the right data about your prospects and customers, create the right audience segments, and deploy the right messaging at the right time. Salesforce’s powerful marketing automation platforms Marketing Cloud and Pardot can help you leverage your best content.

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