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Technology and Account Based Marketing

When moving into a new house, making connections with neighbors beyond a casual greeting benefits everyone. Similarly, when engaging large companies, business marketers need to connect with individuals and teams to win business. However, this requires capturing the heart and mind of everyone on the buying committee. Account-Based Marketing (ABM) can help by joining data management with marketing automation to create personalized campaigns for the B2B customers you most want to reach. With the right technology, marketers can execute their ABM strategy effectively. Here are four ways digital marketing technology can help:

Utilizing Salesforce technology  and tools to win at account based marketing.

Manage B2B content globally: Businesses managing multiple segments, brands, or geographies need to tailor legal disclaimers, copyright information, branding standards, and other business content wherever they have a presence. Pardot Business Units and Snippets allow marketers to customize content and maintain a global view of an account.

Use artificial intelligence (AI) to predict campaign success: Advanced AI capabilities can help evaluate past performance and use predictive data to guide your next steps. These data connectors allow marketing, sales, and service teams to quickly integrate data from various external sources and understand their audience on a more granular level.

Test before you launch: Pardot now offers developer sandboxes to help B2B marketers conduct tests before releasing new features to the world.

Lean on a virtual support team: Bringing in a team of certified experts can provide guidance, support, and training long after implementation. This frees up teams to focus on more strategic projects and can be particularly helpful for teams spread out across geographies and brands.

Summit Technologies LLC looks forward to helping your company implement an account based marketing strategy.

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