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Tasks and Roles for Ecommerce Implementation

To successfully create, enhance or expand your ecommerce offering, it's crucial to assess all the necessary tasks and teams involved in achieving your goals. Whether you're embarking on your direct-to-consumer journey or you have an established organization with plans to launch new initiatives, the essential roles and functions of ecommerce remain the same.

It all starts with establishing your goals and plan, which includes your technology roadmap, product initiatives, and marketing strategies. Once your development team implements the features and capabilities outlined in your roadmap, your UX and design teams ensure a seamless experience for buyers, while marketing and merchandising strategies attract customers and cultivate loyalty. Development operations ensure that backend processes, such as order management and fulfillment, are optimized for efficiency.

To better understand how your roadmap drives key activities and roles, it's important to examine its impact on your commerce activities. You must identify the ecommerce features and functionalities that align with your business goals and prioritize them for development. Depending on your dev team's skills, abilities, and bandwidth, you may opt for a minimum viable product (MVP) approach or a more aggressive strategy that prioritizes innovation.

Once you determine your development approach, focus on building teams that support ecommerce success. Key roles include marketers who can drive traffic to your site, merchandisers who can optimize your product offerings, and UX designers who can enhance the shopper experience. Before posting job ads, carefully consider each team's daily tasks and responsibilities to identify any gaps that need to be filled through hiring, upskilling, or outsourcing.

By mapping out all the necessary tasks and responsibilities involved in your ecommerce operations, you can identify gaps in your current team structure and determine whether to hire, reskill, or partner with external experts to fill these gaps.

Summit Technologies LLC looks forward to working with your organization as you move through your ecommerce implementation and to assisting you with the change management associated with the tasks, roles, and responsibilities. We provide services both in implementation and ongoing management of your platform.


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