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Slack Process Automation Inside and Outside of Salesforce

Salesforce’s Slack team collaboration tool can do so much more than just help teams communicate across channels. The Workflow Builder tool in Slack provides a set of tools to help you automate routine processes inside and outside of Slack without writing a single line of code.

The workflows that you build for your business can be as simple or as complex as you require and can even be connected to other apps and services the team uses on a daily basis, not just Slack and Salesforce. The Slack App Directory has over 2,400 apps to integrate with tools you already use. If a pre-built Slack app doesn’t quite meet your team’s needs you can customize it to address the business processes you aim to automate.

The key skills required to build a workflow are the aptitude to identify routine business processes that could be automated with a workflow and knowing when to automate by installing an app or building a custom Workflow Builder. There is no coding or advanced skill set required.

For the purpose of Workflow Builder, a business process that you can automate is any series of sequential, repeatable tasks that need to be completed to reach a certain goal. When Salesforce acquired Slack in 2021 it became a prominent collaboration tool inside and outside the Salesforce ecosystem. As our workforce becomes more and more remote based, Slack has only grown in popularity and usefulness.

Particularly as a result of work from anywhere staffing many companies have every application they use synced to Slack. This enables team members to receive accurate data in one single source of truth and gives everyone access. Coupled with process automations and automated workflows accessible directly from the Slack app, team members spend less time on manual processes.

Eight highly recommended Slack automations that come with pre-built templates

Automations and integrations with Salesforce and Slack

include recruiting automation, lead automation, deal alerts automation (this let’s Salesforce trigger a deal alert in channel once a project is created), quote to invoice automation, project status automation, time tracking automation (this allows you to input tasks to your timesheet right from a Slack channel), support case management, and hue light automation. The latter is my favorite and you can see it in action here. Slack provides a great guide to Workflow Builder if you are ready to roll up your sleeves and jump right into automations. And Slack’s pre-packaged workflows can help you do just that.

Summit Technologies LLC can add custom Slack integrations with any Salesforce project. Contact Summit today for ideas on how Slack can get your team collaborating and automating processes.

Slack workflows aren’t just for Salesforce integration. Slack workflows work with Zapier, Centro, Google Sheets, AttendanceBot, Polly, Datadog, Fellow,, BirthdayBot, Jira, Workstreams, ToDoBot, Workast, Simple Poll, and more.

Workflow Builder allows you to create a predefined set of triggers and steps to automate processes and run them directly from in the Slack app. The trigger initiates the workflow and can be hand selected, set off by an emoticon selection, or run automatically. Once the workflow is triggered in Slack the steps are presented in the order you select to perform any basic task.

What could your team automate with Workflow Builder in Slack? Employee onboarding, customer support, reviewing content and communications, sales lead and marketing campaigns, request approval and more. If you can envision it, Slack and Summit Technologies can automate and integrate it for your organization.

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