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Salesforce Winter '23 Innovative Releases

Salesforce Winter '23 Release
Salesforce Winter '23 Release

Salesforce is always innovating and prioritizing its customers' needs. In fact, innovation is one of its core values, and it shows in the hundreds of new innovations it releases three times a year. Many of these innovations come directly from customer feedback and suggestions on the IdeaExchange.

During these uncertain economic times, it's more important than ever for businesses to get the most out of their Salesforce investment. Here are five ways to utilize Salesforce's Winter '23 release to drive cost savings and efficiency:

  1. Use Preventative Maintenance in Service Cloud to create maintenance plans for equipment based on usage, reducing unnecessary spare parts expenditures and labor costs.

  2. Leverage CDP Connector for Google Cloud Storage in Marketing Cloud to bring data from Google Cloud Storage into Customer Data Platform, enriching customer profiles and optimizing segmentation and personalization.

  3. Enhance B2B and B2B2C Commerce with recurring revenue models, better product search functionality, and improved shopper insights.

  4. Improve collaboration and workflow efficiency with Experience Cloud's Flow Orchestration and Work Guide, and empower others to help spot bottlenecks with supervisor permissions.

  5. Automate move, add, change, or delete services (MACD) for bulk and multi-site subscription management with Enterprise Self-Service for Communications Cloud, reducing cost-to-serve and churn while increasing automation and customer satisfaction.

By utilizing these new features, you can transform your business and drive cost savings. Summit Technologies LLC can help.

Salesforce Winter '23 includes updates to Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Experience Cloud, Education Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, Health Cloud, Energy & Utilities Cloud, Communications Cloud, Net Zero Cloud, CRM Analytics, Salesforce Slack, and MuleSoft.

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