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Salesforce Subscription Quotes

With Salesforce's Subscription Quotes feature, your sales team has the ability to create quotes for subscription products and services. This includes the ability to apply discounts, get approvals, and send a PDF to the customer with important subscription details such as the start date, prices, and billing frequency. Additionally, reps can sync the quote with its corresponding opportunity in Salesforce, ensuring that the latest product and pricing information is always up to date.

Salesforce Subscription Quotes

When a customer accepts the quote, your team can initiate the order by clicking the Create Order button, or you can configure Subscription Management to initiate the order automatically. Orders are activated once they are initiated, and Subscription Management automatically creates assets and billing schedules to help you track what customers own and when the next invoice is due. This streamlined process helps to ensure that your sales team can efficiently manage and close deals involving subscription products and services.

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