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Salesforce Self-Service: It's a Game Changer

By Shannan Hearne, Summit Technologies Marketing Specialist

Self-service channels, such as a help center, customer portal, and customer community, can provide customers with a way to find answers and resolve issues without the need for direct interaction with a customer service agent.

A help center, also known as a knowledge base, is a collection of articles and resources that customers can use to find answers to common questions. A customer portal is a branded website where customers can access information and complete actions, such as ordering a new debit card or checking their order history.

A customer community is a digital gathering space where customers can share ideas and offer peer-to-peer support.

These self-service channels can be unauthenticated, meaning they are open to anyone, or authenticated, requiring a user to log in to access more personalized information. To increase engagement in a customer community, companies can gamify the experience by offering points and badges for participation, and encourage customer service agents to contribute to the conversation.

By empowering customers to find answers and resolve issues themselves, businesses can deflect cases and reduce costs while also prioritizing more complex issues for their customer service team.

Summit Technologies is excited to help you implement Salesforce Self-Service. With our customized Salesforce solutions and Salesforce’s ready-to-install partner solutions including process libraries, robotic process automation, and building blocks for workflow automation we can help you save time and money.

Today’s consumer expects a seamless digital experience that is fast and user friendly. Salesforce Self-Service makes it easier than ever to engineer more efficient customer processes that can extend to any touch point including self-service, guided screens, and proactive service notifications and status updates.

Salesforce Self-Service lives in your Salesforce ecosystem meaning you can empower your teams and streamline your workflows with easy access to critical customer 360 degree data from any system, application, or department.

Self-service channels are also important to your organization’s broader business strategy. Data from your self-service channels can reveal patterns in recurring requests. If you use self-service channels well, you gain firsthand insight into what customers are saying about your product or service — data you can use to make improvements.

Summit Technologies is your Salesforce implementation partner and our discovery process ensures we build a Salesforce solution for your business that incorporates everything you need, customized for your business model, and nothing that you don’t need.

Summit Technologies is a Columbus, Ohio based Salesforce Consulting Partner consisting of a talented and creative team of Salesforce certified Consultants, Developers, Analysts and Project Managers. We specialize in building innovative solutions for our clients within the Salesforce family of products including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, CPQ, Experience Cloud, Nonprofit Cloud, Education Cloud, Pardot, Field Services and Salesforce Communities. Summit Technologies strategic services solutions bring custom Salesforce technology to work for your business.

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