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Salesforce for Partner Management

Managing partners and partner relationships is challenging. Partner Relationship Management tools are available but many industries do not refer to the people who help them sell or help them deliver products or services as partners, and fail to realize the value of a PRM tool.

Whether you work with value-added resellers, channel partners, agents, brokers, or dealers a Partner Relationship Management tool coupled with Salesforce’s powerful CRM can help you manage the partner relationship.

PRM applications built on a broader CRM platform are able to address the pitfalls of custom portals and niche provider approaches that deliver partial solutions. Making CRM actionable for partners and providing for a more collaborative go-to-market approach are key challenges most companies face. For example, partner or channel managers would benefit more from leveraging CRM analytics to gain insights on customer segments, compared to partner coverage and performance. The foundation of any PRM strategy is to provide clarity to both the partner and the channel manager on the joint pipeline and shared business objectives. The technology industry recognizes the value of blending PRM and CRM to create a better experience for partners. Tech companies use this new blended approach to improve partner recruitment, manage partner profiles, intelligently distribute leads, optimize market development funds, and create quotations.

Make sure PRM is part of your overall CRM strategy to align your go-to-market strategy with your partner performance and end customer needs.

As partner management continues to evolve, it pays to stay ahead of the changes by setting up your indirect sales channel for success. You can do this by always keeping three things in mind: Choose the right channel partners, understand how PRM and CRM work together to make partners successful, and create a winning engagement strategy for your partners.

The Salesforce Partner Relationship Management solution is built to drive channel sales and partner performance by easily managing resellers, distributors, brokers and more from a single platform. Salesforce’s PRM tool enables you to quickly create sleek partner portals flexible enough to scale how and when you need them to. Eliminate friction in the channel process through Salesforce automations and self-service tools. Salesforce analytics provide you with key insights to make data-driven decisions.

Summit Technologies LLC will help you set up Salesforce’s Partner Relationship Management solution for partner onboarding, channel marketing automation, channel sales automation, channel analytics, and personalized experiences for every partner. A PRM tool puts in place process and practices that help you manage your relationships with partners, no matter what you call them.

A robust PRM solution could include Salesforce CRM, Revenue Cloud, Enablement tools, Territory Planning tools, Salesforce Inbox, Revenue Intelligence, Sales Cloud Einstein, Sales Dialer, Sales Engagement, Einstein Conversion Insights, MuleSoft Composer, Salesforce Maps, Einstein Relationship Insights, Customer Success, and Account Engagement.

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