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Salesforce Communications Cloud

Salesforce Communications Cloud

Salesforce’s Communications Cloud helps you deliver digital-first journeys and perfect orders that save tie, money, and improve operational efficiencies. This Salesforce tool and Summit Technologies helps you create simple yet powerful digital experiences, streamline product and service launches, adhere to industry standards and architectures, and reduce churn with predictive analytics. Sounds good?

Built on the world’s #1 CRM platform, Communications Cloud (formerly Vlocity for communications) enables B2C, B2B, and wholesale communications service providers (CSPs) to move to a catalog-driven digital BSS. With purpose built industry functionality and all the capabilities of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, service providers of all sizes can quickly adapt to changing customer expectations, drive faster time to value, and unify every part of the organization — from marketing to retail channels to customer care and operations.

Salesforce Communications Cloud helps businesses meet and exceed customer expectations across B2B, B2C and multiple channels.

Communications Cloud integrates with Salesforce Marketing, Sales, and Service Clouds to provide functionality specific to the communications industry. It uses analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to give personalized service to your customers. Marketing, Sales, Service, and Communications Clouds work together to optimize the customer experience across multiple channels making omnichannel marketing a reality for your business.

You’ll want to work with Summit Technologies LLC to integrate the fantastic functionality of Communications Cloud with your other Salesforce systems to ensure the data and processes in your organization all work together smoothly.

Salesforce Customer 360 supports most business operations, but what if you want to use your number reservation system with Communications Cloud? Or a credit check application? In this case, use OmniStudio and APIs to integrate your third-party applications. The solution gives you industry-standard APIs, including TMF620 and TMF645 APIs, which come out of the box to help automate your processes for faster, more accurate service.

Communications Cloud supports tailoring your customer interactions to the preference of each customer. This includes notifications about:

  • Relevant new promotions, products, and services that the customer or potential customer may want to buy

  • Service activations and deactivations

  • Service outage notifications

  • Billing and account information

  • Changes to products and services that the customer already has, for example, price updates

  • Opportunities for customers to provide feedback

Each communication is tracked on the customer account, so Einstein Analytics can monitor interactions and give efficient, personalized service.

Commercial and technical teams can collaborate using the shared catalog to design and develop offers that meet customer requirements. Product creation and delivery involves a large team of engineers, marketeers, administrators, lawyers, integration specialists, and pricing specialists.

With the shared catalog, these teams can build and test parts of the offer separately and then connect and test the offer as a whole once it’s ready. The shared catalog components are reusable in other offers too. This building-blocks approach to creating offers, along with built in product-lifecycle-management tools, collaboration tools, and auditing tools, reduces offer time to market.

Your customers order products and services using different channels such as the online store, call center, retail outlets, and dedicated business portals. Communications Cloud is omnichannel—so customers can use any sales channel, and the solution accesses, processes, and stores information using a master data source.

CPQ, CLM, and Digital Commerce use the shared catalog, Salesforce CRM, and other external sources, like a reservation system, as master data sources. This ensures that before the order is placed, the products and services offered to the customer are:

  • Relevant, for instance, a product they’re likely to buy

  • Correctly configured and priced

  • Available and deliverable to the customer location

The solution prompts the customer with product recommendations based on their selections and context and makes sure that the offers are consistent across any channel the customer uses.

Once the order is placed with CPQ, the order-management and fulfillment teams use order management tools to pull and fulfill the order.

Integration with Marketing and Service Clouds facilitates the scheduling of any required services, for example, installation, and keeping the customer informed.

Your customers may reach out to the call center or their account manager to ask questions about their bill, order, or service delivery, but this doesn’t have to be the end of the conversation.

With the right tools, including Einstein AI and analytics, service agents can use the time to build the customer relationship and make informed suggestions. For example, agents can suggest ways for the customer to save money by switching products or services.

All things change: People and businesses move locations and change their service use. Customers upgrade and downgrade products and services, disconnect services, and renew or cancel subscriptions.

In the communications industry, changes to existing plans and services are called move, add, change, delete (MACD), which is pronounced “mac D”. Sales reps create MACD orders with industries CPQ and submit the orders to Industries Order Management for processing. Relevant penalties and incidental charges, like disconnection fees, are automatically calculated as part of the MACD order.

Communication Cloud integration with Salesforce Service and Marketing clouds keeps the customer up to date with progress. They can schedule relevant service appointments, such as installation or disconnection by a field service engineer.

Who will utilize Communications Cloud at your company? How will they use it? While there isn’t a one size fits all solution when it comes to your employees, Summit Technologies LLC will help you map out through our discovery process what key employee roles and responsibilities can best be met with Salesforce Communications Cloud.

Summit Technologies is a Columbus, Ohio based Salesforce Consulting Partner consisting of a talented and creative team of Salesforce certified Consultants, Developers, Analysts and Project Managers. We specialize in building innovative solutions for our clients within the Salesforce family of products including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, CPQ, Experience Cloud, Nonprofit Cloud, Education Cloud, Pardot, Field Services and Salesforce Communities. Summit Technologies strategic services solutions bring custom Salesforce technology to work for your business.


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