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Salesforce Commerce Marketing Insights

Today it can often feel like you are not just competing with your competition for your prospects' orders, but with the economy and the forces you cannot control as well. Salesforce has brought a new tool to the table and Summit Technologies can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Marketing Insights

The Salesforce Commerce Marketing Insights app connects ecommerce and marketing data to provide out-of-the-box insights to drive commerce outcomes. With this app, marketers can see how their marketing campaigns have impacted ecommerce revenue, including sales, returns, and cancellations. They can also analyze ecommerce performance across platforms and time periods, and tie it back to various marketing tactics.

This is especially useful in today's competitive landscape, where it's critical for sales and marketing teams to collaborate and measure the ROI of their marketing efforts. The Salesforce Commerce Marketing Insights tool harmonizes marketing and sales data, allowing teams to track customer relationships from lead acquisition to conversion, sale, and loyalty.

The powerful data modeling tool automatically updates whenever new tools or data sources are added to the martech stack or reports. This includes everything from social media advertising and email to in-app activities, commerce cloud sales, and Google analytics.

For brands embracing omnichannel marketing, the app allows them to break down performance by channel and understand which interactions move leads and customers towards engagement, spending, and brand loyalty.

Built-in out-of-the-box reports and dashboards provide key insights for growing a business, and the app serves as a BI team without the need to hire data scientists. Summit Technologies LLC is excited to help businesses add Salesforce Commerce Marketing Insights to their sales and marketing toolbox. Imagine bringing the power of Salesforce Commerce Marketing Insights to all your go to market (GTM) initiatives!

Salesforce Commerce Marketing Insights can power all your Salesforce marketing automations keeping you a step ahead of the competition.

Summit Technologies is a Columbus, Ohio based Salesforce Consulting Partner consisting of a talented and creative team of Salesforce certified Consultants, Developers, Analysts and Project Managers. We specialize in building innovative solutions for our clients within the Salesforce family of products including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, CPQ, Experience Cloud, Nonprofit Cloud, Education Cloud, Pardot, Field Services and Salesforce Communities. Summit Technologies strategic services solutions bring custom Salesforce technology to work for your business.

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