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Sales Cloud Einstein Features

Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein

When a really robust, game changing tool arrives in the marketplace, it can be difficult to fully understand its capabilities and its potential impact on your business.

Summit Technologies LLC has been deep diving into Sales Cloud Einstein to give you insight into how it can enable your organization to sell more. The key features of Sales Cloud Einstein include: Einstein Lead Scoring, Einstein Email Insights, Salesforce Inbox, Einstein Automated Contacts, Einstein Activity Capture, Einstein Opportunity Scoring, Einstein Opportunity Insights, Einstein Forecasting, and the Sales Analytics App.

What do they do?

Einstein Lead Scoring

Einstein lead scoring adds a lead score field to leads. When reps use scores to prioritize their list of leads, they can focus on the ones that have the highest chance of conversion. Managers understand the health of their leads and opportunities better, and can share relevant information with others. Inexperienced reps work from a prioritized list of leads without much involvement from their managers.

Einstein Email Insights

Einstein email insights give sales reps critical sales context alongside relevant emails, making it easier for them to send the perfect response at the perfect time. Actionable intelligence in reps’ inboxes helps identify which customers need attention.

Salesforce Inbox

A suite of productivity tools helps reps focus on what needs attention. Salesforce inbox brings email, calendar, and CRM together in one seamless experience. For example, Email Tracking helps reps focus on engaged prospects. Insert Availability makes scheduling meetings a breeze. Salesforce Inbox is a suite of mobile and desktop productivity apps that help sales reps work smarter without leaving their Microsoft or Google inbox.

Einstein Automated Contacts

Einstein Automated Contacts uses email and event activity to find new contacts and opportunity contact roles to add to Salesforce. Contact records are automatically added to Salesforce, so reps spend less time on data entry. Reps reduce data entry and improve contact data quality.

Einstein Activity Capture

Einstein activity capture helps keep data between Salesforce and your email and calendar applications up to date. Having email and event data automatically logged on Salesforce records increases reps’ productivity and visibility into potential customers. Reps reduce context switching and manual activity logging, improve data quality, and generate more insights. Activity Metrics, which comes with Einstein Activity Capture, helps sales managers know when to step in with assistance. For example, managers might add the Inactive Days and Lead Score fields to a lead list view. Then, they can see which high-scoring leads haven’t had any activity. Einstein Activity Capture is a productivity-boosting tool that keeps each sales rep’s email and calendar aligned with Salesforce. Einstein Activity Capture performs two main functions. First, it captures email and events from a rep’s Microsoft or Google account and adds them to the activity timeline of related Salesforce records. Reps no longer need to log activities manually in Salesforce. Einstein Activity Capture also syncs contacts and events between Salesforce and a rep’s Microsoft or Google account.

Einstein Opportunity Scoring

Einstein Opportunity Scoring is available to users with or without a Sales Cloud Einstein license. Opportunity scores tell you the likelihood that an opportunity will be won. For each opportunity score, Einstein shows the factors that have contributed the most to the score, both positively and negatively. Reps prioritize deals based on scores that indicate how likely an opportunity is to close. For example, a rep can prioritize high-scoring opportunities that are in early stages. Because scores are based on real data, reps get an accurate understanding of their opportunities. Reps see the factors that contribute to the score, which helps them take appropriate action. Managers understand the health of their leads and opportunities better, and can share relevant information with others. Experienced reps with a heavy workload work from a prioritized list of opportunities so they can focus on the deals most likely to close.

Sales managers keep an eye on low-scoring opportunities and reach out to reps with assistance. Sales managers understand the health of their pipelines and share relevant information with others.

Einstein Opportunity Insights

Opportunity Insights includes predictions about which deals are likely to be won, reminders to follow up, and notifications when key moments in a deal take place. Each insight offers details about why it’s shown, tying it to relevant metrics. Reps get relevant updates about their opportunities. Insights includes intelligent updates about which deals are likely to be won, smart reminders to follow up, and notifications when key moments in a deal take place. Reps get smart reminders when opportunities are past their close dates, have no future activity, or have overdue tasks. Insights also include key moments, such as a contact leaving or a prospect not responding. Reps know what to do next with relevant predictions, reminders, and notifications about opportunities.

Einstein Forecasting

Einstein Forecasting uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to bring more certainty and visibility to your forecasts. Improve forecasting accuracy, get forecast predictions, and track how sales teams are doing. Einstein forecasts are based on AI that analyzes past sales data, explores how records change over time, and tracks new changes. This data analysis is the basis for accurate and objective forecasts. When managers have a better understanding of the team’s performance, they can coach their reps more effectively. Sales managers improve forecasting accuracy, get forecast predictions, and track how sales teams are doing.

Sales Analytics App

Sales Analytics brings the power of Analytics to Sales Cloud on any device that supports Analytics. With intuitive visualizations based on your Salesforce data, Sales Analytics lets you move from insight to action quickly and helps you turn data into smarter sales. Managers analyze sales data, look at opportunity whitespace, review pipeline status, and evaluate team and rep performance better than they did without sales analytics. Intuitive visualizations based on Salesforce data help reps move from insight to action quickly. Reps see the latest wins, win rate, and average deal amount. Analytics highlight quotas and reliable forecasts.


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