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Protect, Monitor, and Retain Critical Data with Salesforce Shield

Safeguarding your most sensitive data and staying ahead of evolving compliance and industry regulations with Shield saves you staggering costs, according to Salesforce’s 2022 Top Data Security Trends report.

The Summit Technologies team is excited to introduce Salesforce Shield.

Cutting-edge encryption software assuring trusted data monitoring and securing cloud apps faster.

Shield is a suite of capabilities that provides an extra level of security and protection above and beyond what’s already baked into Salesforce out of the box. With Salesforce Shield, you can ensure the sensitive data in your Salesforce environment is safe. And ensure that it stays that way.

Salesforce Shield protects you and your data in four primary ways:

Blocks unauthorized or unlawful activity

Finds and classifies sensitive data quickly

Adds additional security to sensitive data

Meets compliance and industry regulations

Salesforce Shield allows you to create real-time security rules in your Salesforce org to prevent undesired events with Event Monitoring.

Salesforce Shield enables you to discover and classify sensitive data in just a few simple clicks with Data Detect.

Salesforce Shield encrypts your sensitive data at rest and manages keys with Platform Encryption.

Salesforce Shield views data going back an entire ten years with Field Audit Trail.

Why should you consider having Summit Technologies implement Salesforce Shield? There has been a 667% increase in phishing attacks since March 2020. There has been a 71% increase in data breaches since March 2020. And the projected cost to companies of cybercrimes is estimated to be $10.5 trillion annually by 2025.

As a “Salesforce Platform” product, Shield’s capabilities can span across all of the Salesforce “cloud” products your organization uses, to support the reduction of data risks in all areas of your critical business. Salesforce Shield delivers additional security capabilities that are not provided with standard Salesforce especially important for Salesforce customers who maintain sensitive data in Salesforce or who operate in highly regulated industries.

Salesforce Shield is not whole disk encryption. Rather it is encryption at the field level and for files and attachments. Salesforce Shield also extends your field history tracking for up to ten years including what data changes in what fields and when and by what user. And Salesforce Shield extends the number of fields supported to 60 fields per object versus the standard of 20 fields per object.

And for Event Monitoring Analytics, you get reporting on Event Monitoring, Salesforce provides a CRM analytics app (pre-built dashboard), which comes with event monitoring (two licenses).

Events, such as an example with a disgruntled salesperson, are logged and shown in a variety of components. You can monitor trends by user, which reports are being downloaded, or how users are accessing certain reports.

Many customers will choose to bring that into Splunk or Qradar to align Salesforce event monitoring with other event monitoring from across their entire tech stack.

All events are stored in the Event Log File standard object, meaning you can run queries to do the analysis and forensics in the face of threats.

Salesforce Shield employes Einstein Data Detect to automatically scan your Salesforce database and identify sensitive data based on five data patterns:

  • Credit Card Numbers

  • Emails

  • Social Security Numbers

  • URLs

  • IP Addresses

Einstein Data Detect works compatibly with platform encryption showing you what data needs to be encrypted at rest.

For more information on Salesforce Shield reach out to your Summit Technologies team, your Salesforce AE, or check out Salesforce’s own guide to Salesforce Shield Implementation.

Salesforce Shield and Summit Technologies secures your enterprise and your Salesforce org by protecting your sensitive data. Summit will work through a data classification exercise to identify which fields you need to encrypt based on regulatory, security, privacy, and compliance requirements. Shouldn’t your business and your data be protected by Salesforce Shield?

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