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Pardot Real Time Automation Rule Setting Retirement

Salesforce is retiring the Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) ‘real time’ setting on automation rules with the Summer ’23 (June 2023) release. If your organization uses this capability, we wanted to tell you how this impacts you and what your options are.

Salesforce Pardot (Account Engagement) Real Time Automation Rule Setting Retiring

Why is this feature being retired?

The ‘real time’ setting is a legacy option developed before the decision to exclusively support the Salesforce connector. It was designed to provide a way to prioritize automation rules when syncing with legacy CRM connector options. With the full support of the Salesforce connector, this functionality offers no additional value.

What does this change mean for me?

When the setting is retired, any existing automation rules that have ‘real time’ enabled will simply have the setting removed. Your automation rules will not be paused or impacted during retirement.

What action can I take?

You don't need to take any action, but you can disable the setting early for automation rules that currently use it. To disable the setting, edit an automation rule and deselect Execute in Real Time. To disable the setting in bulk, use the table action dropdown on the automation rule list view and select Disable real-time automation.

If you have more questions, open a case with Support via Salesforce Help. To view all current and past feature retirements, see Salesforce Product Feature Retirement.

To read about the Salesforce approach to retiring products and features, read our Product & Feature Retirement Philosophy.

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