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Optimize Topic Profiles in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio Topic Profiles

Salesforce Social Studio Topic Profiles

To optimize your topic profiles, follow these best practices:

Validate your data: After adding keywords, review your results to ensure that your topic profile is relevant and minimize irrelevant posts. Monitor how people are discussing your brand and adjust your topic profile accordingly.

Enhance keyword proximity: When entering keywords, use the proximity feature by adding "~" before finalizing. Adjust the proximity by using the slider, with a maximum setting of 20 words apart. For example, setting the proximity to 5 means that both keywords must appear in the same post within 5 words of each other.

Avoid generic keywords: If you use abbreviations or acronyms for keywords, you may get off-topic posts due to duplicate meanings. To avoid this, add a modifier to specify the keyword, such as "Healthcare IT" instead of simply "IT."

Improve load times: To reduce load times, limit the number of keywords in a topic profile to 60 or less, and avoid using more than 30 "DOES NOT CONTAIN" keywords. Additionally, avoid using short, common keywords or exclusion words such as "and," "the," or "it."

Utilize source groups: Set up source groups at the tenant level of your account and make them public for everyone in the organization to use.

Apply filters: Refine your topic profiles by filtering regions, languages, and media types.

Regularly audit your topic profiles: Minimize the number of topic profiles by auditing their use cases to avoid duplication. If you create a topic profile for a limited use, consider reusing it, and deactivate ones you no longer need.

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