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Meeting changing buyer expectations more efficiently

In today's business landscape, companies are facing the challenge of maximizing efficiency while working with tighter budgets and higher operating margins. Sales teams have had to quickly adapt to new ways of selling in response to global challenges such as supply chain disruptions, inflation, and increased health precautions. To meet these challenges and continue to drive growth, organizations must focus on providing a personalized and seamless buying experience for their customers across multiple touchpoints.

Sales enablement technology to meet changing buyer expectations

Sales enablement has been shown to increase overall sales success and performance, with 92% of sellers agreeing. By defining goals and target audiences, assessing current sales processes, and identifying areas for improvement, organizations can empower their revenue teams to meet the needs of prospects and customers more efficiently. This can be achieved through the provision of tailored resources, implementation of appropriate technology, and ongoing measurement of sales enablement efforts.

Buyers now expect sales teams to meet them on multiple channels, including ecommerce platforms, social media networks, and handheld devices while recognizing them at every touch point. Organizations must be able to connect with buyers on an average of 10 channels and provide a sophisticated and trusted advisor experience. Email marketing has also become a more powerful B2B tool as in-person interactions have been limited.

Sales reps need to be equipped with the necessary insights and resources (data) to act as trusted advisors and build strong relationships with customers. Collaboration across departments, such as marketing and customer service, is also crucial for building customer loyalty and fostering recurring sales.

Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of companies' efforts, as they focus on steady, predictable growth and long-term relationship building. Sales reps can deepen customer relationships by utilizing techniques such as value-based communication, active listening, follow-through, and seeking feedback on the selling experience. Maintaining customer relationships after the close is also increasingly important, with 80% of sales reps agreeing.

To build a loyal customer base and drive recurring sales, companies must be willing to go above and beyond to meet and exceed customer expectations in every interaction. This focus on customer satisfaction and relationship building is critical, especially in uncertain economic times.

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