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Marketing Cloud Connect Formula Field Changes

Marketing Cloud Connect Formula Field Changes

To improve synchronization between Sales, Service Cloud, and Engagement, you can no longer use a formula field as an object filter in Synchronized Data Sources. You can still use formula fields to filter data on your synchronized objects. You can’t select a formula field type when using the Boolean filter for new objects or updating existing objects. You can use a Boolean filter on all other field types.

If the boolean formula fields are used, the fields are still available for filtering in the user interface until Spring ’23. Any existing filter will continue to work as long as you don’t need to edit the sync configuration. If you experience sync issues with the filters using formula fields, you will need to update the filter and remove the formula from the filter. Performing any edits to the sync configuration after the Spring ’23 release removes the formula field filter automatically.

In the Spring ’23 release, the previously synced configuration option is removed. The prior formula field will no longer display as a dropdown value in the filter.

This change became effective with the Winter ’23 release for new filters. Also, it was first announced in the Summer ’22 release notes and documented in this article. Support for existing filters is available until the Spring ’23 release.

Creating objects that use formula fields as a filter is no longer supported. Update your existing filter configurations to avoid issues with formula fields before the Spring ’23 release.

If you have concerns about how this will impact your Salesforce Synchronized Data Sources, contact your Summit Technologies team.

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