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Managing Student Applications with Admissions Connect

Managing Student Applications with Admissions Connect

Salesforce Admissions Connect is a recruiting and admissions tool that streamlines application review, drives applicant engagement and facilitates collaboration across teams. Built on the EDA framework, Admissions Connect helps teams meaningfully engage applicants and effectively manage admissions processes.

Many student applicants use the Common App tool to submit their college applications to multiple schools and universities. Salesforce’s Admissions Connect is integrated with Common App so right from the beginning of the process a student’s application data is seamlessly available to recruitment and admissions reviewers.

Salesforce Admissions Connect and the Common App track where a prospective student’s application is in the completion process. The student and the school can clearly see what documents or steps need to be completed in the Activities section.

Task requirements show recruiters and admissions staff what fields of data still need to be acquired for an applicant.

There are two ways for reviewers to access applications with Admissions Connect: within the app itself or from a portal. For many schools reviewers may include people like alumni who sit outside the institution. These reviewers access Admissions Connect from an assigned application review page in a portal. These secure review pages provide the same streamlined review experience for external reviewers while providing them access to only the information and permissions they need.

Regardless of how reviewers access the application, the single scrollable view in Admissions Connect makes it easy to review the entire application. Reviewers have a complete and accessible view of each applicant, all on one page. No need to toggle between multiple tabs or click out to different programs or windows to view application sections or documents. The review experience also takes the frustration out of viewing PDFs that have been attached to the application. PDFs show up directly on the review page and are easily flipped if they need to be reoriented or searched for keywords.

  • Keep tabs on your entire recruiting class.

  • Customize your dashboard with the reports that are meaningful to your school or specific program.

  • Track application trends, stay up to date on application status and make informed decisions based on metrics.

Admissions Connect helps teams meaningfully engage applicants and streamline admissions management -- all on one trusted platform.

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