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JDK Locale Format Retirement

How to prepare for JDK Locale Format retirement in Salesforce

Salesforce is retiring the JDK locale formats with the Spring ’24 release. Salesforce recommends that you adopt the new locale formats before they’re auto-activated in Spring ’24, starting in January 2024 for sandboxes and in February 2024 in production.

What does this change mean for me?

As part of their effort to keep the Salesforce Platform up to date with the latest international standards, Salesforce adopted a new set of locale formats in Winter '20. Locales control the formats for dates, times, currencies, addresses, names, and numeric values. Salesforce currently uses International Components for Unicode (ICU).

By default, before Winter ’20 the Salesforce platform used the locale formats provided by Oracle’s Java Development Kit (JDK). ICU locale formats replace the JDK formats in Spring ’24. To prevent disruption for your users, Salesforce recommends adopting the new formats before they’re enforced.

How do I determine whether I’m affected?

To determine whether you use ICU locale formats, check the status of the Enable ICU Locale Formats release update. Then verify a user interface setting. Refer to Determine Whether Your Org Uses ICU or JDK Locale Formats.

What action can I take?

Follow the steps in Adopt the ICU Locale Formats in Salesforce Help. The content provides considerations and instructions to help you determine how the new locales affect you. Summit Technologies can assist you.

As with all major changes, Salesforce recommends that you test the new locale formats in a sandbox. Salesforce Help also provides guidance on updating and testing the new formats.

The impact analysis and update of API versions and custom code can take some time. We recommend that all customers start this work well before the ICU formats are enforced in Spring ’24.

What happens if I don’t take action?

In the Spring ’24 release, JDK locale formats are retired and ICU formats are auto-activated. For more information, see Determine How the ICU Locale Formats Affect Your Org.

If you have more questions, you can join the conversation in the ICU Locale Formats Adoption Trailblazer Community group. To view all current and past feature retirements, see Salesforce Product & Feature Retirement.

To read about the Salesforce approach to retiring products and features, read our Product & Feature Retirement Philosophy.

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