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How Salesforce Revenue Cloud Helps Businesses

By Shannan Hearne, Summit Technologies LLC Marketing Specialist

How Salesforce Revenue Cloud helps businesses

Salesforce has introduced the Revenue Cloud platform, which helps businesses gain a better understanding of their customers and use that data to take action. Unlike traditional disconnected systems with different quote-to-cash processes and billing systems for various channels and products, Revenue Cloud takes a new approach by providing a unified platform with a single data model. This model is designed around the customer journey, enabling a customer-centric approach that enables sales and finance teams to work together seamlessly.

Revenue Cloud provides a consistent data language from the product catalog to collections, setting the stage for automation. With automation freeing up valuable time, businesses can focus on important questions, such as identifying customers that are ready for an upsell and determining which tasks can be further automated.

Revenue Cloud also helps businesses launch new offerings and pricing updates faster than the competition by providing modern finance machinery. By leveraging the Customer 360 view, businesses can learn from customer behavior and iterate their way to the perfect product-market-pricing fit.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud provides high-quality data that is complete, structured, and accurate. It captures data such as acceptance criteria and terms defined in the physical contract automatically, and guides sales reps to capture structured, pre-defined, and consistent information that is easily read by revenue systems. This eliminates manual entry and data replication, reducing human error and eliminating discrepancies.

If you're interested in implementing Salesforce Revenue Cloud, Summit Technologies LLC can assist you in turning your actionable data into income.

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