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Faster Lead Conversion With Einstein Lead Scoring

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

By Shannan Hearne, Summit Technologies LLC Sales and Marketing Consulting Specialist

The two biggest challenges facing businesses today are lead generation and lead conversion. The more successfully a company generates leads, the more challenging

Salesforce Einstein Lead Scoring

warming and converting them becomes. Summit Technologies is proud to offer implementation and customization solutions with Einstein Lead Scoring to help you overcome both challenges.

With Einstein Lead Scoring from Salesforce - a key capability of Sales Cloud Einstein - sales reps can convert more leads, faster. Using artificial intelligence to automatically analyze your company’s historical sales data, Einstein Lead Scoring determines whether or not a lead is likely to convert to an opportunity. Sales teams can segment and prioritize the leads they are working for faster lead conversion using Einstein’s predictive intelligence.

Summit Technologies customization and implementation services will enable your company to get the most value from our Sales Cloud Einstein and set your sales reps up for success.

The factors that Einstein Lead Scoring uses to predict conversion potential are displayed on each lead record in Salesforce, aiding sales reps to prepare for every call and interaction quickly. How does Einstein Lead Scoring work with your data?

Einstein Lead Scoring models are built specifically and uniquely for each customer and organization. Einstein Lead Scoring analyzes all the standard and custom fields for the Lead object and then runs different predictive models such as Logistic Regression, Random Forests, and Naive Bayes. Einstein Lead Scoring automatically selects the best model based on sample datasets. Sales Cloud Einstein does the heavy lifting by determining the best model to drive lead conversion.

Your models are updated monthly ensuring you have the most accurate predictions for your leads. Leads are scored on an hourly basis using the latest model. When something changes with a lead it is rescored within the next hour!

The backend power behind Einstein Lead Scoring is the machine learning that improves the accuracy of Einstein’s predictions. If Einstein discovers that certain job titles in specific industries who view demos of a particular product are great leads, the data model will update the lead score of your leads meeting the newly discovered criteria providing sales reps with a fresh batch of hot leads to work.

Studies show that companies using AI spend less time figuring out what to do and more time actively growing revenue. Einstein Lead Scoring empowers your company to spend more time selling and less time prospecting.

Einstein Lead Scoring discovers an insight, predicts the likelihood of the lead converting, and provides direct insight into how the new score was determined automatically.

When you can work leads smarter you can convert leads faster shortening sales cycles and closing more business.

Summit Technologies LLC will assist you in analyzing and automating your sales and marketing processes and putting the power of Einstein Lead Scoring to work in your business.

Einstein Lead Scoring helps you accelerate engagement with your most qualified leads while requiring zero setup, custom lead score driven workflows, and smart lead lists to keep your sales teams working smarter and faster. There are no additional tools required and tasks can be easily assigned in Salesforce based on predictive lead scores.

Einstein Lead Scoring and Summit Technologies adds a Lead Score field to leads in your Salesforce org. The Lead Score lets sales and marketing teams prioritize their work by ranking leads according to their similarities to prior converted leads. Using data science and machine learning, Einstein Lead Scoring offers a simpler, faster, and more accurate solution than traditional rules-based lead scoring approaches.

When your Salesforce admin - or Summit’s Salesforce team with a Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein quickstart - sets up Einstein Lead Scoring you choose to score all leads together or group leads into segments based on field criteria. Einstein builds a separate scoring model for each lead segment. With each lead score, Einstein displays the lead’s field values that have the most significant positive and negative effects on its score. With Einstein Lead Scoring enabled in your Salesforce Sales Cloud account, artificial intelligence scores your leads by how well they fit your company’s previously successful conversion patterns enabling sales reps to prioritize the leads they are working on by lead score.

By working smarter, sales reps can convert leads faster.

With the lead score appearing on your lead detail pages, sales reps can quickly see which fields have the greatest influence on the lead’s score. When you add the Einstein Score field to list views you can hover over a score to display the top factors behind the score and focus on leads with the highest scores for the fastest lead conversion.

Einstein Lead Scoring includes a dashboard with reports that show key lead score metrics for your org including average lead score by lead source, conversion rate by lead score, and lead score distribution across converted and lost opportunities.

Sales Cloud Einstein - of which Einstein Lead Scoring is a part - is a ready to use out of the box set of tools that learns from your Salesforce CRM data and sales activities making its predictions and recommendations better and smarter over time. Sales Cloud Einstein helps the sales team throughout the sales process driving time and attention to the most profitable next steps. In addition to Einstein Lead Scoring, Sales Cloud Einstein includes Salesforce Inbox and Einstein Activity Capture. Einstein Opportunity Insights gives sales reps smart reminders or tasks to nurture relationships with customers. Einstein Lead Scoring helps reps prioritize leads focusing on those most likely to convert.

Adding Sales Cloud Einstein and Einstein Lead Scoring to your sales and marketing arsenal can provide a greater return on your Salesforce investment and fill up your opportunity pipeline.

Contact Summit Technologies LLC for a free consultation to determine how Sales Cloud Einstein can help you convert leads faster.

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