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Email Consent Tracking in Pardot

To simplify email consent tracking, Account Engagement is changing the prospect Opted Out field to support only syncing a single source of opt-out status. The option to use the most recently updated record will no longer be supported.

Email consent tracking in Pardog - Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Admins need to select a system of record for the Account Engagement prospect Opted Out field by February 26, 2023. If the sync behavior isn’t updated by this date, the field will stop syncing with Salesforce.

To select your preference, follow these steps:

  1. From Pardot Settings, select Object and Field Configuration, and then select Prospect Field

  2. Under Default Fields, select the gear icon next to the Opted Out field, then click Edit.

  3. Select your sync behavior:

    • Use Salesforce’s value - The value of the Salesforce Opted-Out Field is synced to the Account Engagement prospect Opted Out field.

    • Use Pardot’s value - The value of the Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) prospect Opted Out field is synced to the Salesforce Opted-Out field.

If you need assistance, contact Summit Technologies.


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