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Einstein for Marketing Cloud

By Shannan Hearne, Summit Technologies LLC Marketing Specialist

AI has proven to be an effective solution for addressing the challenges posed by the volume and velocity of data we have available in marketing. In this article, Summit Technologies will explore some of the cutting-edge features offered by Einstein in Salesforce Marketing Cloud that can help marketers optimize their performance and work more efficiently.

Salesforce Einstein for Marketing Cloud

Let’s face it. In marketing (as in sales) we are always trying to build a better mousetrap.

Einstein Social Insights

The Social Studio feature in Marketing Cloud enables marketers to publish content, engage in conversations, and analyze social data. With Einstein, this platform becomes even more powerful. Some of the AI-powered capabilities include:

Spam detection: Automatically identify and remove spam sites and posts on social channels to maintain the authenticity of your brand's presence.

Influencer score: Determine the relative influence of social users by evaluating their reach and engagement frequency on social platforms.

Sentiment analysis: Quickly identify the tone and sentiment of customer conversations, enabling marketers to understand their customers' perspectives and prioritize their responses.

Marketers can leverage these advanced features to enhance their social strategy and build brand loyalty. For example:

Run Influencer Marketing Campaigns: Identify and recruit high-influence individuals as brand advocates using the influencer score and social listening.

Deliver Social Customer Care: Use sentiment analysis to prioritize negative brand sentiment and route cases to the appropriate service teams for resolution.

Einstein Vision for Social

With over 3 billion images being uploaded to social platforms every day, it's essential for marketers to be able to analyze this data. Einstein Vision for Social allows marketers to gain insights and context from images. You can train Social Studio to recognize images related to your brand through deep learning, including products, logos, scenes, and food.

By combining this data with other social data, marketers can have a deeper understanding of their brand followers, engage with them, and measure their marketing efforts.


Lookalike modeling is a proven tool that identifies common traits and behaviors among current customers and seeks out new customers who share those same characteristics.To the human eye, it is very time consuming. Einstein lookalikes provide marketers with the ability to create rich audiences and segments for modeling purposes using their first, second, and third-party data in Audience Studio.

Einstein Journey Insights

In today's world, consumers control their interactions with brands more than ever before. Einstein Journey Insights helps marketers understand their customer journeys by tracking all interactions across touchpoints such as web browsing, email, support requests, etc. This tool applies advanced attribution modeling to improve engagements and event sequences leading to specific goals, such as purchasing or leaving a product review.

Interactive reports and visualizations show marketers how their planned journeys performed compared to the organic journeys consumers took, allowing marketers to optimize their campaigns.

Einstein Content Tagging

Creating personalized and engaging messages requires a vast library of content, which can be challenging to manage and organize. Einstein Content Tagging and image recognition technology help marketers keep their assets tagged and organized by automatically adding and updating content tags and metadata every 24 hours.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence

As marketing budgets increase, so does the need to drive ROI and provide better customer experiences. Marketing Cloud Intelligence provides a pipeline of AI-generated insights using automated regression modeling and statistical analysis methods.

Einstein Marketing Insights uses these methods to sift through data and identify high and low performers, including audiences, creative concepts, and underperforming channels. In this way, marketers can make smarter decisions faster and capitalize on what's working while improving what's not.

Einstein features in Salesforce Marketing Cloud offer a wealth of opportunities for marketers to optimize their performance and work more efficiently. By leveraging these AI-powered capabilities, marketers can make more educated decisions faster building better brand engagement and higher ROIs.

Summit Technologies LLC would love to help you deploy Einstein for Marketing Cloud. Contact us today.

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