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Cross Functionality and Excellent CX Experiences

CX professionals or teams that collaborate cross-functionally are 27% more likely to have a high or very high rate of ROI on their programs and three times more likely to have a high business impact compared to those who engage in little or no collaboration.

Create excellent customer experiences with cross functionality and Salesforce

84% of customers consider the experience a company provides to be just as important as its products or services. A customer-centric focus can increase a company's revenue by an average of $775 million within three years of investing in customer experience, according to a study by the Temkin Group. However, many companies struggle to meet customer experience expectations, particularly in the digital space. Only 11% of companies believe they truly understand their customers' digital behaviors, according to a report by CMSWire.

Customers expect a simple, effortless, seamless, personalized, convenient, and fast experience, but silos within companies can hinder cross-functional collaboration and lead to a fragmented customer experience.

To ensure a consistent customer experience, companies must establish a customer-centric culture, effective governance, and a customer data platform to facilitate cross-functional collaboration. A customer-centric culture is one in which the entire organization is focused on delivering a seamless and consistent experience for the customer, and silos are either connected or non-existent. Governance includes structures and processes to ensure accountability, transparency, responsiveness, and participation in the design and delivery of a great customer experience. It includes both oversight by cross-functional committees and the operating model, which outlines who is involved in the work and how it will be done and measured. A customer data platform supports collaboration by allowing employees to share feedback, data, and other information across departments and channels. It also helps to ensure that all customer interactions are tracked and analyzed to improve the overall customer experience.

To deliver the best possible customer experience, every department within a company must have a clear understanding of the customer's needs and be able to share feedback, data, and other information with other departments. This enables a holistic view of the customer journey and helps to ensure a seamless experience. These foundational elements must be in place for a company to succeed in providing a consistently excellent customer experience.

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