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Channels and data sources for Personalization

Channels and data sources for customer communication personalization

Communication channels and data sources are critical components of any successful personalization strategy. By evaluating and selecting the right channels and data sources, businesses can deliver the most relevant and beneficial experiences to their customers.

To start, businesses must consider all the various channels that customers use to interact with their brand, including websites, mobile apps, email campaigns, social media, on-property kiosks, and conversations with sales or service representatives. Each communication channel should be personalized in some manner, with a focus on prioritizing personalization in certain channels before expanding to others.

But even if a business chooses to implement personalization in only a few channels, it is still essential to gather data from all touchpoints to present the most relevant and timely experiences for each customer, along with their next best actions. Accurate, real-time, in-depth, modeled/analyzed, centralized, accessible, and actionable data are the foundation of any personalization strategy.

To identify the right data sources, businesses must consider zero and first-party data, including behavioral data, attribute data, zero-party and first-party data, and third-party data. Behavioral data should encompass an individual's current and previous digital behaviors to build a more comprehensive understanding of their interests and intent. Attribute data can be accessed directly from the web or pulled from connected databases, such as CRMs and email and marketing automation platforms. Zero-party and first-party data, such as responses to forms and survey questions, can supplement behavioral and attribute data. Third-party data, which is purchased from external sources, may include demographic and firmographic information.

Transparency is key when it comes to data sourcing, as customers want to feel in control of their privacy. It is important for businesses to be honest and publish their policies on how they collect and use third-party data.

Summit Technologies LLC can assist you in evaluating communication channels and data sources critical to the success of any personalization strategy. By selecting the right channels and data sources, businesses can deliver the most relevant and timely experiences to their customers, leading to increased engagement, loyalty, and revenue.

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