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Changing Shape of Loyalty Programs

Shopping has changed and so have customers' expectations of brands. Shoppers are no longer satisfied with generic experiences, they want personalized attention and to be acknowledged as individuals, not just numbers. This presents an opportunity for brands to revamp their loyalty programs to provide a more human touch.

Casey’s, a convenience chain, is championing this, using technology and data to create customized, personal experiences for their customers. With 73% of customers seeking unique experiences, it’s important for brands to go beyond just transactional loyalty and build emotional connections.

Changing Shape of Loyalty Programs

Gone are the days when points for purchases were the sole measure of engagement. Today's consumers want to be acknowledged and rewarded for more than just spending their hard earned money. Brands that offer incentives for downloading an app, writing reviews, or even promoting the brand on social media are on the right track. Shoppers are even willing to exchange personal information for access to exclusive benefits.

For retailers, the key is to provide a mix of rational and emotional benefits in their loyalty programs. Customers crave personalized experiences and will go the extra mile to receive them. As 88% of consumers believe that a company’s experience is just as important as their products and services, brands must focus on building relationships at every interaction.

Schuh, a leading fashion footwear retailer, recognized the importance of embedding loyalty in all customer interactions. By utilizing a flexible loyalty management program, they are able to cater to the needs of their customers and understand their purchasing behavior to offer more personalized experiences.

Retailers must ask themselves if their loyalty program is providing value for both the customer and business, if it's easy for customers to engage, if it's more than just a transactional experience, and if it's personal and integrated with their operations. The future of customer loyalty is about delivering experiences that go beyond just transactions, and brands that embrace this will be the ones to thrive.

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