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Building a Successful CRM From License Procurement to Launch

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Shannan Hearne, Summit Technologies LLC Marketing Specialist

At Summit Technologies we believe everything should be right-sized. Your CRM solution should meet your needs today while being designed to grow with your business tomorrow. Your integrated applications should do what you need right now and be adaptable to your needs down the road. We accomplish this through a thorough analysis and discovery - getting to know you, your company, and your goals.

Building a successful customer relationship management tool requires an in depth analysis of your business, your goals, and your needs. Summit Technologies designs a CRM solution after helping you evaluate your goals, strategy, business objectives, metrics for success, priorities and roadmap. A Salesforce solution developed for your business by Summit Technologies LLC will be rolled out with a personalized approach, not a cookie cutter installation. All Salesforce integrations are designed for your business following these important steps for success.

Chances are good you’ve reached out to Summit Technologies because you have two things: A vision for what your business needs and a shopping list of pain points you need to address.

That’s why we begin with a discovery session. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, what Salesforce clouds you are investing in, or what your goals are. No two CRM solutions are identical and Summit strives to provide you with a CRM solution as unique as your business. We will work with you to define your vision for Salesforce. Installing a customer relationship management solution without a vision would be like going to the store without a shopping list. You end up spending a lot of money, buying a bunch of things you don’t really need, and forget to bring home the one thing you went for.

Through the discovery process Summit Technologies team of Salesforce certified consultants will help you create the perfect shopping list. Your vision for a CRM solution will come to life as we analyze the processes that can be automated, the tools that will help your teams be more successful, and the technology solutions that lend themselves to getting all the bells and whistles you need without the fluff.

The final deliverable Summit will share with your team after discovery is our understanding of the pain points our solution should address and the recommendations to have a high impact on your company with the least challenges to get your company to launch. Your vision will become our vision. The vision becomes the roadmap.

With your vision defined, Summit Technologies maps out a strategy to make your vision a reality. The strategy is the road map to success. We plan out each step of your Salesforce implementation so you can rest assured your vision is met. Summit Technologies asks the right questions to turn your vision into a road map for success. With the strategy in hand, Summit partners with you to define the business objectives that will become the measures of our success in building you the perfect CRM solution.

The business objectives are where your vision and your strategy get wings. The objectives we agree upon translate your vision into the deliverables that have the highest impact on your business. Summit Technologies brings our years of experience with Salesforce and with past satisfied customers to ensure that your new CRM system isn’t just a new way to deal with the same problems. Your CRM solution frees your company up from the inefficiencies and pain points that started your search for a CRM in the first place.

As we begin building your perfect Salesforce solution we partner with your organization to get the whole team on board. User acceptance testing, end user training, agreement of the business objectives, and executive sponsorship are all important steps in ensuring your Salesforce investment meets all your business needs today and in the future. Your Salesforce dream team will consist of a variety of team members who can set the bar for success at every touchpoint where your CRM is improving your day-to-day operations.

The team’s size determines how many Salesforce licenses you need to get to a successful CRM launch.

From the moment we compile your business objectives, Summit Technologies works with you and your team to define the metrics that we will all use to gauge the success of your Salesforce implementation. We will work with you to create measurable goals that meet your expectations while setting a high bar for Summit’s final delivery. We can only manage what we can measure and the metrics for success are second in our minds only to your team’s overall satisfaction with the solution we deliver.

From time to time a customer comes to Summit with a set of objectives so immense that we have to break the project down. Whether that means we are working in agile sprints, multiple rollout phases, or a multi-step approach to moving your business from one platform to another, Summit helps you prioritize your objectives. We might not be able to deliver everything you need at once, but as we agree on what is most important to deliver first we update your CRM solution roadmap.

Launching the best CRM solution for your business built on the award-winning Salesforce platform isn’t a one and done effort. A successful CRM launch is the goal but the goal is the product of a carefully planned personalized approach to your business’s needs.

Summit Technologies is your Salesforce partner getting you to a successful CRM rollout from license procurement to launch. With personalized training delivered to your team we are confident that your CRM solution will meet your objectives today and scale to your needs tomorrow. As your needs evolve and change, Summit Technologies will continue to work with you delivering enhancements and new features as required. Our managed services clients keep a bundle of hours readily available for any day-to-day Salesforce assistance they need. Many of our satisfied customers retain Summit Technologies again in the future when they want to add features and functionalities to their CRM solution.

Inquire today how Summit Technologies can help you launch the right-sized CRM solution for your business on the Salesforce platform with the tools that address your business objectives.

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