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Automation Drives Business Not The Other Way Around

By Shannan Hearne, Summit Technologies Marketing Specialist

Salesforce automation drives business - not the other way around

My granddaddy always worried people were putting the cart before the horse. I kind of thought it shouldn’t matter so long as the cart was moving in the right direction. As it relates to technology and automation, though, Grandaddy was right.

Companies who rely on business or at times the lack thereof to dictate when automation can be incorporated into their processes are likely focusing more on low hanging fruit rather than the ripest deals on the tree. Process automation, automated workflows, automated document generation, and automated API integration help businesses operate at the speed of light.

Automation is not a new idea and it has been the goal of tackling mundane and repetitive tasks since Henry Ford rolled the first car off the assembly line. In case you were wondering, Henry Ford took the time to build a single automobile from 12 hours to one hour and 33 minutes with automation. The Model T was the first car produced on the assembly line but Mr. Ford began with a Model A and created nineteen more models before getting to the mass produced Model T.

Here are just a few ways that automation and Salesforce can drive your business forward:

Salesforce CRM integration helps companies build high-performing sales leaders, empower sales teams, win more deals, and move into the future with confidence.

Here are a few examples of how Summit Technologies has brought Salesforce’s automation tools out of the cart and in front of the horse to drive businesses forward.

The University of Cincinnati Online needed to move their recruiting efforts to a more robust CRM and marketing automation solution. Read more.

Vanguard Motor Sales needed a CRM platform with increased visibility of historical and current inventory, document and image management, and automated the buying and selling of vehicles. Read more.

The Ohio State University College of Arts and Sciences needed to automate recruiting and retention for students and the post-acceptance to enrollment process. Read more.

Florence County, South Carolina needed to transition from spreadsheets and word documents to Summit Technologies’ Economic Development Accelerator for Salesforce and automate workflows to enhance productivity. Read more.

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