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Automatic Deployment of Enhanced My Domains Coming to Salesforce Beginning January 2023

Spring ’23 release deployment starts in January 2023 (sandboxes) and February 2023 (production). With this release, Salesforce deploys enhanced domains in all orgs unless you opt out before your org gets Spring ’23.

To check which release you’re running on and when you get the next release, see Get Your Org Status and Upcoming Maintenance Dates with My Domain. The release with which enhanced domains are deployed or enforced in your org is listed on the My Domain page in Setup.

Resolution To opt out of the automatic deployment of enhanced domains, take these steps in each org before the org gets Spring ’23.

  1. From Setup, in the Quick Find Box, enter “My Domain”, then select My Domain.

  2. In the Routing section of the My Domain Setup page, deselect Automatically deploy enhanced domains with Spring ’23, and save your changes. That setting only applies when the org gets the Spring ’23 release and isn’t available when enhanced domains are enabled.

When you disable that setting, this confirmation message appears on the My Domain page:

This org is exempt from the automatic deployment of enhanced domains in Spring ’23. Deploy enhanced domains, or Salesforce deploys the feature for you in Summer ’23. You can enable and disable enhanced domains in all orgs until the feature is enforced. Note: Salesforce continues to encourage you to deploy this high-impact feature before it’s enforced in Summer ’23.

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