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Align Your Team For Cross-Functional Support With Digital Commerce Sales

Cross functional team alignment for digital commerce transformation

The shift to digital commerce presents new opportunities for sales teams in B2B companies. However, the traditional sales culture that has focused on making calls and hitting quotas may have some hesitation about how this change will affect their role.

By implementing ecommerce solutions, sales teams can streamline order processing and free up their time for more strategic pursuits. In fact, according to a study, nearly half (47%) of digital leaders say that digital commerce enables sales teams to act as trusted advisors to their customers. Additionally, 60% of B2B sellers report an improvement in job satisfaction among their sales team members.

To help ease the transition and ensure the success of your digital commerce strategy, involve key stakeholders early on. This includes IT, sales, customer service, legal, and marketing/business units. Ensure that everyone has a clear understanding of the compensation for digital sales and the benefits that come with the shift. This can include access to new insights, reduced time spent on routine tasks, and improved customer experiences.

Additionally, consider using your digital commerce strategy as a recruiting tool for high-performing sales professionals. These individuals are drawn to companies that prioritize innovation and digital transformation. By highlighting your plans in the job description and during the interview process, you can attract top talent to your sales team.

A well-executed digital commerce strategy can benefit both your sales team and your company as a whole. By streamlining processes, improving job satisfaction, and attracting top talent, you can take your sales game to the next level.

Summit Technologies LLC can help you take a cross-functional approach to launching digital commerce sales platforms.


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