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ABM and Healthcare and Life Sciences

Marketing healthcare products and services, especially in the health information technology space, presents several challenges that require increasingly complex solutions. These challenges include a diverse and complex buyer collective, limited communication between siloed personas, and unique purchasing models for each organization. To overcome these challenges, Summit Technologies LLC helps healthcare marketers meet the need to personalize their marketing efforts and reach multiple stakeholders simultaneously while respecting state-specific compliance and legal mandates.

One effective solution to these challenges is an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy that uses real-time data, content, inbound, and outbound methods to target key accounts and decision-makers while remaining compliant. ABM is particularly useful for reaching high-value hospitals and integrated delivery networks.

To implement ABM in the healthcare and life sciences industries, marketers should identify their target audience by considering business size, profitability, region, growth rate, and the characteristics of their most profitable customers. Creating an ideal customer profile (ICP) ensures that marketers do not waste their time on unprofitable or unattainable accounts.

Marketers can create better engagement through ABM campaigns by investing in sales enablement, including cloud-based CRMs, APIs, email marketing technology, and digital asset management. Incorporating digital marketing systems into everyday processes allows for personalized advertising campaigns that engage the buyer, build trust, and create customer loyalty.

Finally, to measure the success of ABM, marketers must be able to track the customer's buying journey for both prospective and current customers. ABM analytics, such as overall account engagement and website lift metrics, can help to sharpen marketing and sales outreach, generate high-quality leads, and drive new growth. Overall, introducing ABM is one of the most effective marketing strategies land ideal healthcare customers, and it can help healthcare marketers overcome the complex challenges they face in the industry.


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