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Salesforce and the Connected Health Consumer

Salesforce and the Connected Health Consumer

In today's healthcare landscape, patients expect to have access to care from anywhere and to be able to view their comprehensive medical information in a single place. However, trust in the healthcare industry remains low, with only 23% of consumers fully trusting the industry according to Salesforce's 2021 Connected Health Consumer Report.

To address this issue and meet patient expectations, healthcare providers must personalize their services and gain a holistic understanding of their patients' needs.

One way to do this is by using a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, such as Salesforce's Connected Health Consumer solution. This platform allows healthcare providers to consolidate clinical and nonclinical patient information into a single console, enabling them to make more informed decisions about care. It also allows providers to enhance their capabilities, such as by launching chatbots to triage patients during a pandemic. By adopting a CRM platform and using data efficiently, healthcare providers can improve service, collaboration, and operational efficiencies, ultimately helping to build trust with their patients.

Summit Technologies has a track record of implementing Salesforce's CRM solutions in healthcare, leading to more connected health consumer experiences.


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