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Sales Cloud Einstein Rollout Strategies

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

by Shannan Hearne, Salesforce Marketing Specialist at Summit Technologies LLC

Perhaps you have heard that other companies are using artificial intelligence to do more business faster. What does that mean? Artificial intelligence in the Salesforce ecosystem is the powerful tool that analyzes your historical data and uses it to make intelligent decisions and recommendations about your sales process and your leads.

Salesforce's Einstein Artificial Intelligence

If you want to use Sales Cloud Einstein to avoid repetitive tasks of data entry, easily identify the best prospects to target, gain helpful insights about your existing customers, and accurately predict revenue then you need a plan to rollout Sales Cloud Einstein. Many IT professionals mistakenly believe that artificial intelligence can’t really help their sales teams without writing code, adding staff, manually compiling sales info, creating in depth algorithms, and building new applications.

Sales Cloud Einstein functions like a PhD’d data scientist living in your Salesforce org continually analyzing your data. It is practically ready to dig into your data right out of the box. Salesforce’s artificial intelligence tool learns from your CRM data and sales activities so it makes smarter and better predictions and recommendations over time. Additionally, Sales Cloud Einstein enables sales teams to work smarter and faster by freeing up their time. Read on to learn how.

Sales Cloud Einstein licenses include Salesforce Inbox and Einstein Activity Capture, integrating Salesforce with reps email and calendar applications to reduce activity logging data so they can focus on selling. Einstein Opportunity Insights further gives sales reps intelligent information about opportunities so they can win more deals faster. The smart reminders help your teams nurture relationships with customers and the lead scoring tool shows reps which leads to focus on.

Sounds good, right?

Plan your Sales Cloud Einstein rollout in three stages: pre-enablement, enablement, and post-enablement.

In the pre-enablement stage you will analyze your business’s challenges and priorities. Talk to sales reps and managers to understand what is most important to their success and how Sales Cloud Einstein can help them meet their challenges. Be sure to include input from other groups like marketing, service, and IT. Select the Sales Cloud Einstein features that will be most useful and productive for you to start with in your implementation. Set clear goals and criteria for use as this will help you gauge success down the road.

Build your core Sales Cloud Einstein dream team - a group of varied users across teams and departments who will test the features you roll out and help you correct any unexpected issues. Ensure that you have plenty of clean data in your CRM with Salesforce’s readiness tools. Data is key to Sales Cloud Einstein’s recommendations.

Now you are ready to enter the enablement stage. Get set to see Sales Cloud Einstein in action!

You or your valued Salesforce partner will set up Sales Cloud Einstein. The features should be tested in your sandbox environment first. Ensure that the features work with your architecture, workflows, and Lightning components. Summit Technologies can test every aspect of the application providing you with a successful rollout.

Make it clear for your dream team what you want them to accomplish with Sales Cloud Einstein and how to do so. Assign the users to Sales Cloud Einstein and give them access to this powerful sales enablement tool. Enablement is complete!

As you enter the post-enablement stage you want to corral your dream team users and give them easy ways to share their experiences and ask their questions about the tool. A Salesforce Chatter group or Slack channel can keep feedback all in one place. But don’t ignore the value of live and in person sessions for check-ins.

As a team you will decide what is amazing about Sales Cloud Einstein and what could be working better. Adjust and make changes as necessary. Let your dream team’s feedback make for a powerful engagement tool to deliver incredible customer experiences and add more users and more Sales Cloud Einstein features.

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