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Put Your Customers at the Center of Everything You Do

Account-based marketing (ABM) has become a popular strategy among marketing and sales teams due to its effectiveness in a new world with tighter budgets, fewer resources, and high customer expectations. In order to efficiently engage with customers, optimize performance, and reduce costs, brands must make every moment count and offer personalized, real-time customer experiences. B2B marketers are increasingly seeking ways to drive revenue from high-value accounts and the most effective approach is to align marketing, sales, and service teams with an ABM strategy.

ABM is a B2B marketing strategy that focuses on specific customers or accounts, using multiple highly personalized campaigns to engage with them on an individualized level. ABM involves close alignment across marketing, sales, and service, and can be implemented by any B2B company with the right technology and processes in place. Account based marketing can fit nicely into your omnichannel marketing plans.

There are different types of ABM programs based on business goals, including 1-to-1, 1-to-few, and 1-to-many programs. 1-to-1 programs focus on accounts with high revenue potential and require significant investment, while 1-to-few campaigns are more targeted and focus on connecting with accounts that share similar pain points, buying groups, and business goals. 1-to-many programs identify potentially hundreds of accounts within a target market and rely on a scaled approach to reach them with a personalized message.

ABM is an efficient and effective strategy that helps businesses build trust and increase the lifetime value of customer relationships. As the approach evolves, it is becoming more inclusive and expanding to include everyone involved in the strategy, with terms like "Account-Based Engagement" or "Account-Based Experience" being used to reflect this shift.

Summit Technologies LLC can help you implement an ABM marketing strategy with your Salesforce CRM solution. Contact us today. Whether you are just implementing Salesforce or tuning Salesforce for high performance, Summit Technologies can help.

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