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Marketing Use Cases for AI

Every marketer faces unique challenges based on their industry, organization size, and customer base. However, four key pillars unite them all. To succeed, marketers must know their customers, personalize every interaction, engage across the entire customer journey, and analyze results quickly and accurately.

Let's explore how marketers can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve each of these pillars.

Know Your Customers Better

To create a unified view of each customer across all touchpoints, marketers must identify customers across multiple devices and channels. AI can help by matching actions to identities using probability models.

AI can also help marketers discover previously unrecognized audience insights and segments. Large audience data sets can be challenging to analyze with traditional business intelligence tools. AI can group data into clusters for analysis and identify audience or segment overlaps.

Marketers can collect new data points from customer interactions, content, and conversations. However, the volume and velocity of this data can overwhelm traditional analysis methods and resources. AI can augment data and attributes through natural language processing and image recognition.

Finally, manual lead scoring and rules can introduce biases that skew results. AI can assist with predictive lead scoring, helping identify where customers are in their journey.

By leveraging AI in these ways, marketers can gain deeper insights into their customers, enabling them to provide better experiences and improve overall marketing effectiveness.

Summit Technologies LLC looks forward to helping you leverage artificial intelligence in your Salesforce ecosystem.

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