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How Nonprofits Benefit from Salesforce

Should nonprofits use CRM?

Absolutely! Salesforce’s CRM for Nonprofits — Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud — is currently being utilized by many nonprofit organizations. Salesforce can help you strengthen and grow important relationships and opportunities that support your goal. From maintaining strong relationships with constituents, to segmenting supporters by issue and interest areas, tracking membership activities, and streamlining the donation process, Salesforce gives nonprofits the power to manage their data confidently and effectively.

What exactly is a CRM for nonprofits?

A CRM is a software application that centralizes data management to improve the customer experience, contentment, engagement, and service by bringing all communication with customers across all channels into one location. They were created with sales, marketing, and customer service in mind. CRMs, on the other hand, are increasingly able to interface with all parts of an organization’s operations and business in order to manage relationships and projects among team members, suppliers, partners, and contributors. CRM software will assist businesses in tracking, collecting, and managing critical information about donors, volunteers, employees, and projects.

Perks of a CRM

Automation of processes

Nearly everything can be customized and automated. This is the rule that will help you save time when it comes to managing tasks and your daily routine. General emails, sending marketing and follow-up emails, calls, lead and fundraising tracking, and so on are all examples of key automation actions.

With process automation, your prospect receives an email or other message at the right time, including information about their personal history with your company. Meanwhile, all you have to do is gather all of the information you’ll need to organize your next action or follow-up.

All data is saved in a single location

A great number of nonprofits rely on Excel spreadsheets to store and manage contact data. Salesforce will aid in the collection of all data in one location. It plans activities and fundraising operations based on the entire picture, which will be saturated with data and competing options. You will have limitless access to all data. From any device in any area of the world, you can get access to the necessary contacts and the most recent updates.

Organize events

Salesforce eases the stress of planning events that span many sessions, days, and places. Due to the functionality of your program, you simply create and manage your event or meet-up. Salesforce allows users to manage events, add participants, and extend your upkeep by creating a personal calendar or speaker’s profile, as well as check-ins and payments utilizing a built-in QR scanner. You will also receive reports in the form of graphs detailing the progress of your event.

Your audience’s activities are tracked and recorded

Salesforce provides a holistic perspective of your target audience’s habits by assessing their actions, such as the events they’ve attended or the most recent volunteer activity they signed up for. This information will give insight to tailor a relationship-building strategy that best suits your various audience groups.

Separate the different types of contacts

List segmentation is a difficult operation, especially when the data is old, erroneous, or in a different format. A CRM ensures that you have high-quality data and that you can simply categorize your lists according to the parameters you’ve established. The contacts can then be segmented and tagged by constituent type, interest area, and geographic location, and then exported to your outreach efforts.


Salesforce will assist your company in remaining organized and efficient. Nonprofit organizations are advantageously positioned to offer leadership and direction in solving some of the major difficulties communities and industries are facing. Thankfully, Salesforce can do just that--guide you down the proper path to achieve your objectives, professionalize your approach, and optimize your influence.

Summit Technologies offers tailored Nonprofit Quickstarts to streamline the implementation of Salesforce. In addition to a no-cost estimate, we provide an excellent team dedicated to your organization's success. Inquire today if you believe your organization will benefit with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud!

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