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Delivering a Great Customer Experience

Delivering great customer experience but putting customer data at the center of everything you do.

To deliver a great customer experience, CX teams must work closely with other departments and collaborate effectively to optimize every touchpoint along the customer journey. This includes departments such as Customer Support, Customer Experience, IT, Customer Success, and Sales. Teamwork and cross-collaboration are considered key strengths for successful CX programs.

There are three main components of customer experience: discovery, engagement, and delivery. Discovery is about how companies make contact with customers and make that contact relevant and meaningful. Engagement is about how customers interact with the company and its products. Delivery combines speed and consistency to ensure that customers receive products on time and in good condition.

Customers value a positive and personalized experience, with 74% of customers more likely to purchase a product based on a positive CX and 80% more likely to buy when brands offer personalized experiences. Brands that demonstrate care for their customers and understand their emotions are more likely to be rewarded with preference, advocacy, spending, and trust.

Trust Summit Technologies LLC when you need Salesforce customization and integration to provide a great customer experience.

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