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ABM and Financial Services

Account based marketing for financial services with Salesforce

Financial services marketers who operate in a B2B environment are adopting a forward-looking approach to tackle their most pressing business and business development challenges. These challenges typically include complex data management and legacy systems, email platform limitations, budget constraints, technical debt, and a lack of scalability and flexibility due to high levels of regulation. In addition to overcoming these challenges, financial services businesses must also establish strong relationships with buying committees to influence decision-makers and consistently meet their needs.

An effective strategy for addressing these challenges is account-based marketing (ABM), which emphasizes quality over quantity. By identifying their ideal customers and tailoring their marketing strategies accordingly, financial services marketers can create targeted and personalized campaigns instead of relying on a trial-and-error approach. Casting a wide net for lead generation builds a database but it doesn’t necessarily fill a pipeline.

ABM involves personalizing the customer experience to drive conversions. This means customizing the approach towards each buyer and scenario, from agents to wealth management advisors, and brokers to relationship managers. Personalized content and experiences across various digital spaces, such as websites, customer portals, and email campaigns, help build trust and foster meaningful relationships with prospects. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of conversion.

To successfully implement account based marketing, financial services businesses must align their marketing, sales, and service teams. This involves streamlining marketing efforts to key accounts and automating personalized engagement to the entire book of business. By doing so, businesses can better acquire and grow key accounts, as well as optimize performance, efficiency, and spend.

One of the most significant benefits of ABM is the ability to extract deep insights from customer data. By analyzing this data, businesses can identify trends and patterns that help them make informed decisions about their next best action. For instance, knowing which products or services a customer was browsing on a website can help customer-facing reps when approaching that client with the next best offer. By leveraging insights from customer interactions, financial services businesses can create customer-centric ABM strategies.

Marketing in financial services can be challenging, but ABM provides a solution for personalizing engagement, building strong relationships, and driving growth.

Summit Technologies LLC looks forward to the opportunity to explain how account based marketing and Salesforce can benefit your financial services business. Contact us today.

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