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  • Mike Leibrand

Salesforce Spring '18 Highlights

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

We at Summit Technologies have read through the release notes for the Salesforce Spring '18 release (438 pages!) and here are some goodies we discovered and are excited to share with our clients!

Salesforce spring '18 highlights logo

New cosmetic themes for Salesforce Lightning. No more boring, vanilla looking Salesforce orgs- change to color schemes that match your branding!

Save and reuse text snips that you use frequently with Quick Text and Macros for Lightning.

Opportunity Splits are now available in Lightning Experience.

The new calendar component for Communities is another feature that we are excite to share with our clients.

The new Discover Companies feature, available at an additional cost, looks like a great tool for sales and business development professionals that are looking for new prospects.

Duplicate management is always a headache for Salesforce Admins. Salesforce has added to the duplicate management toolbox with functionality to find existing duplicates within a Salesforce org.

There is now a Lightning Survey component available from Salesforce, but from the looks of things it is only free to Health Cloud users, although it will be available to the other clouds for a price.

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