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  • Mike Leibrand

Summit Technologies announces partnership with FormAssembly, a popular Salesforce app

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Summit Technologies has entered into a partnership with FormAssembly, a hugely popular app that allows companies using Salesforce to publish a form to their website that sales leads, customers, partners or vendors can use to create and edit records in their Salesforce org.

FormAssembly Logo

Although similar functionality may be possible using Salesforce Community Cloud or custom web development, FormAssembly provides a quick, easy and affordable solution that is ideal for many use cases. The easy to use drag and drop interface combined with powerful features like form pre-fill, conditional logic and save and resume functionality make FormAssembly the leader in web-to-anything solutions for Salesforce.

FormAssembly also integrates with other popular web sites including payment providers to further extend the possibilities of their solution.

As a FormAssembly partner, Summit Technologies adds another tool for our team of experienced consultants and developers to leverage to quickly turn your business problems into solutions.

Contact the Summit Team today to learn how FormAssembly can quickly unlock the potential of Salesforce for your organization!

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