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Does your Salesforce need a Health Check?

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

How can you tell it is time for a checkup for your Salesforce implementation? There is not any one tell-tale sign that your Salesforce might need a tune-up, but there are a few indicators that if true for your implementation would make a check-up a good idea.

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How long has your company been using Salesforce? If it has been more than a couple years, it is time for a check-up. Salesforce releases three updates a year, and it is easy to fall behind on current features. Newer, more efficient, tools are being released each year, some of which can replace custom coded solutions or costly third party apps. Additionally, data integrity can erode over time and it is important to ensure that data in the system is complete, free of duplicates and consistent. Finally, security needs to be reviewed periodically to ensure that your company is protected from threats both internal and external.

Is user adoption a challenge? If your company is having trouble getting everyone to consistently use Salesforce then it is time for a check-up. User adoption issues usually fall within a few easily solved areas. Sometimes users require some additional training to overcome discomfort with a new system or fear of 'breaking' it. We also find that if data has not been loaded into Salesforce, users will continue to use old systems containing that data. Finally, if Salesforce is not properly integrated with other commonly used systems such as email clients, users will often not feel it is worth their time to enter data into two system.

Is your company using Lightning yet? If not, it is time for another look. Lightning is the name for the new, modern user interface (UI) for Salesforce, replacing the classic interface. Unfortunately not all aspects of Salesforce are supported in Lightning, but with each release more features are supported. The Spring '17 release was a big one as there were many performance upgrades and exciting new features such as Favorites, Kanban views of any object and much more. A free Health Check will let you know if your organization is ready to switch to Lightning.

Does your company use a lot of third party apps? If so, there may be some that are unused- either installed and never used or legacy apps that were previously used and abandoned. It is a good idea to routinely clean these app

s out and get them out of your Saleforce org. Additionally, as mentioned above, new Salesforce features may render obsolete some old apps, so it may be possible to decommission an old paid app in favor of newly implemented native Salesforce functionality. A Health Check can help identify unused or obsolete apps.

The best part is, Summit Technologies offers free Salesforce Health Checks, so you can get a report on the condition of your Salesforce implementation at no charge.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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