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Summit Technologies Introduces Salesforce Managed Services Packages

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Summit Technologies is excited to introduce three different Managed Services packages for companies using Salesforce. Managed services provides a convenient, low cost and low risk way for companies to maintain and extend the functionality of their Salesforce implementations., without having to hire or train in-house resources. They also allow to companies to spread enhancement projects- and the associated costs- out over months, so they can work in an Agile fashion and iterate on their projects.

Summit Technologies has simple Salesforce Administration services packages for as low as $250 per month- ideal for smaller companies that don't have the staff to administer their needs. A full range of administration services is provided, including the creation of custom reports and dashboards as well as routine user and security administration.

Summit Technologies also offers more robust packages aimed at larger organizations with more complex needs and goals for customizing and integrating Salesforce. For a low monthly fee, Summit Technologies provides Salesforce certified developer resources to extend the platform in any way imaginable. We also lead quarterly strategy review meetings to assess business needs that can be addressed with the platform, as well as weekly meetings to ensure all tactical issues are addressed while working on larger strategic initiatives.

Managed Services are provided to clients remotely, although all Summit Technologies team members work out of our offices in Columbus, Ohio.

Here is a link to the Managed Services packages we offer. Download a PDF of our offerings here.

Send us an email or give us a call at 614-859-6543 for more information.

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