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So you want to learn Salesforce? (for free)

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Salesforce can be an intimidating place for first time users. Summit Technologies is frequently asked how to get started using the platform, so here are my suggestions for what to do (in what order) to learn the platform.

First, get a free Salesforce developer account- not just for developers! It has limitations that would make it impractical for companies to use (because it is free!), but it is a great sandbox to learn Salesforce. You can't 'break' it, so hack away in it!

Salesforce User Training

Trailhead- free Salesforce training by Salesforce! (set up your dev first account and link it to track your progress and achievements):

There are a lot of trails, so where to begin? Here is where to get started learning the basics of Salesforce:

Prefer a video? Here is a series of them, not made by Salesforce. The shorter videos are pitches for paid training, but the longer ones seem to have some good free content:

Next, here is a quick trail (1 hr 20 min) to help you understand how Salesforce works:

Want to learn more about Salesforce's marketing capabilities? Here is a trail on the Marketing Cloud. Unfortunately, it does not come free with your dev account, but it will give you a nice overview of the capabilities of the Marketing platform.

Want to dig deeper and learn how to customize Salesforce and manage the users? Then you want to check out Admin training:

If you prefer personalized, live, onsite or remote training by real people tailored to you or your organization, Summit Technologies has Salesforce training programs available here. All of

our Salesforce certified trainers are located in Columbus, Ohio.

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