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Summit Technologies offers Salesforce QuickStart program

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Summit Technologies has launched a program aimed at helping organizations new to Salesforce get up and running quickly. The program has six different packages that vary in price and features, but all of them are designed to take only two or three weeks to complete, allowing organizations to maximize their ROI and capitalize on their excitement about adopting the industry leading CRM.

All packages in Summit's QuickStart feature up-front pricing and bundle common features together in tiers designed for companies of all sizes. Each QuickStart begins with a comprehensive review of the organization's unique requirements to ensure that their new Salesforce implementation is tailored to how they work.

For small organizations, the Bronze package includes configuration of all the basic functionality as well as customization to record data specific to the business and generate custom reports. Like the more expensive packages, the Bronze package includes customized user training to ensure all users get off to a great start with Salesforce.

For larger organizations Summit recommends the Gold package, which adds even more organization-specific customization as well as business logic such as workflows, approvals, data validation and custom dashboards. In addition to the standard training package, Summit will also train an in-house administrator to leave the organization self-sufficient for many routine Salesforce configuration duties.

Summit also offers packages to set up Salesforce Communities and Service Cloud functions such as case management and Knowledge Base. Summit also offers discounted pricing for non-profits as part of their initiative to give back to the community.

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