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Passing the Salesforce App Developer Certification Exam

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Salesforce Trailhead is the best place to acquire the knowledge needed to pass the certification exams. Trailhead makes learning fun by breaking it into small chunks and providing points and badges as you complete the modules, Trails and Projects. The following Trails and Projects are the ones that I have identified as providing the information needed to pass the certification exam as of June 2016:

Expand Your Reach with Communities

-Entire Trail

Learn CRM Essentials

-Entire Trail

Admin Intermediate -Formulas & Validations

-Data Security

-Build a Suggestion Box App

-Process Automation

-Change Management

-Build a Battle Station App

Keep Customers Happy with Service Cloud

-Service Cloud Basics

-Communities Basics

Protect Your Salesforce Data -Security Basics

-Data Security

Admin Beginner

-Entire Trail

Developer Beginner

-Entire Trail


Build a Battle Station App

Quick Start Build Your First App

Build a Suggestion Box App

Quick Start Reports & Dashboards

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