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nintex - a suite of document generation and process automation solutions for salesforce and more

Robotic Process Automation

Using Nintex RPA, enterprises can leverage trained bots to quickly and cost-effectively automate routine tasks without the use of code in an easy-to-use drag and drop interface. Users are now equipped with a comprehensive, enterprise-grade process management and automation solution that streamlines processes fueled by both structured and unstructured data sources.

Salesforce Document Generation

Don’t let the manual creation of critical documents like contracts, work orders, and invoices slow down your business. Equip teams to instantly build and share documents with just a few clicks from directly within Salesforce or Office 365. No more cutting and pasting, no more errors. Deliver precise and compliant documents the first time, every time.

Nintex Drawloop DocAutomation

What if you could give every member of your sales team up to 20 percent more time to do what they do best: Identifying, nurturing and closing deals?

Now you can with Nintex Drawloop DocAutomation for Salesforce-the premier solution for accelerating end-to-end sales processes with automated document generation and customizable workflows aligned to your specific needs.


Through prebuilt connections to Salesforce and other business applications, workflows can be configured to start or advance by listening for digital signals—such as adding or updating an account or opportunity, generation of a document, or completion of a form. Once detected, the system automatically triggers the next step in the workflow.

Workflows are easily configured via a drag-and-drop canvas to support any sales process like routing documents for internal approvals by sales management, legal, or others. Of course, documents can also be sent directly to prospects or customers for review and eSignature.

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