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microsoft dynamics crm to salesforce service cloud migration

Salesforce Service Cloud, Communities, Conga Composer, Tibco Scribe


Migrated client from Microsoft Dynamics CRM ​to Salesforce Service Cloud CRM with a custom Lightning Community as a customer portal.


Northwoods is a rapidly growing technology company truly focused on human services. We help state and county adult & aging, child support, child welfare, and economic assistance agencies save lives, promote well-being, strengthen families, and meet their missions.

Nearly 45,000 social workers and caseworkers across the country use our solutions to manage, collect, view, and share content and data more efficiently, which saves them two hours a day. Workers repurpose that time to do more high-value work with clients. As a result, agencies improve service delivery, maximize productivity, make informed decisions, and achieve better outcomes.

Working at Northwoods means being part of a team that’s passionate about our ability to make an impact on the lives of human services professionals and the people they serve. If you seek collaboration, unique challenges, and the chance to contribute to work that matters, Northwoods is the right place for you. Follow this page for a glimpse of our work, culture, and customers. 



Northwoods had been using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a number of years, and despite employing a couple of different consulting groups to optimize the solution, was suffering from adoption issues and sales and service teams that were frustrated with the Dynamics solution and were looking for a fresh start in Salesforce. Client had well established processes in Dynamics and was using it daily to support sales and service efforts. A smooth transition with no downtime to a new solution was a must with no loss of features from the legacy solution to the new solution. In addition, client wished to re-work their pricing model to simplify it and eliminate the need for pricing to be calculated outside of the CRM. The sales team wanted to be able to generate client-ready sales documents from the solution.

The client's service team wanted to have easy to use forms both for internal and external users to create Cases using a wizard-like interface. They required a client portal for clients to log their own cases. Service team desired a highly sophisticated case management solution to allow them to successfully assign, work and escalate the many cases they received daily while tracking their SLA performance and client assets.


Summit Technologies worked closely with client staff to create a project plan that included the following

  • Current state analysis and gap analysis

  • Dynamics data analysis and mappings to existing and custom Salesforce objects and fields

  • Continuous migration and syncing of data from Dynamics org to new Salesforce org

  • Customization of Sales Cloud sales processes to reflect client sales process. Created custom automations to ensure certain dependent products were automatically added and quantity based pricing was looked up and applied

  • Implemented Conga Composer and created custom Conga Templates for client to generate client-ready sales documents

  • Custom Interview Flows for internal and portal users to quickly create, work and close new cases

  • Implemented Assets and Contracts to track client hardware, software and licenses and client's SLA obligations and performance

  • Implemented omni-channel case management solution for client teams

  • Implemented email-to-case and custom web-to-case forms for clients customers to easily create cases

  • Built a Salesforce Community that allowed for different clients to experience different branding in the same Community

  • Designed and created numerous reports and dashboards for various stakeholder groups to measure individual, team and organization performance

  • Successfully migrated millions of data records from legacy system to Salesforce using Tibco Scribe

  • Guided client through User Acceptance Testing (UAT) process

  • Trained internal client admin team to handle more than 95% of internal requests and issues

  • Developed a training program with client admins for their users

  • Worked during deployment and post go-live with client team to ensure a smooth, successful deployment


​Success! The project was completed without any major obstacles and on time. Client users have responded very positively to the move from Microsoft Dynamics and client admins are more empowered than ever before to support their users and extend the solution as needed to ensure it keeps up with the demands of their business. Summit Technologies remains engaged with the client to provide additional advice and support as they move forward.

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