Send mass emails with ease from Salesforce CRM

MassMailer allows you to take control of the amount of emails you send and make smart decisions on your communications with in-depth reporting on each email's success.

MassMailer features

  • Send emails to your campaign members, contacts and leads from within Salesforce.

  • Build, send, and schedule professional-looking emails with a simple to use email Wizard within Salesforce – no HTML experience required.

  • Eliminate the email limitations on Salesforce. Send emails beyond batch or per day limits.

  • Track email results anytime and make smart decisions for future campaigns. Track opens, click-throughs, bounces, complaints, unsubscribes, and more.

  • Send one-off emails to your contacts and leads immediately or schedule your emails to send later. Find out when your email is opened or clicked and know when to take the next step in

  • Ensure that the contacts on your email list are legitimate before you hit send. Reduce your bounce rate by up to 98% and protect your deliverability.

  • Send marketing or sales PDFs, documents, and videos to your audience without extra date and fuss. You can even add an expiry date and time for any time-sensitive material.

  • Through MassMailer and Salesforce Process Builder, you can create an email drip campaign in Salesforce with ease. MassMailer makes it possible to schedule these emails and send them to leads or contacts

  • Leverage MassMailer Email Template Builder to create email templates right within Salesforce. No HTML code required. Just drag and drop to create mobile responsive, professional looking templates with ease.

  • Send and track the email alerts via the Salesforce Process Builder using MassMailer. Log the activity history, and email events such as opens, clicks.

  • Identify 90% of trap emails, thereby improving the overall quality of your lists. This can even be used on purchased lists, to improve your audience reach and scale your marketing quickly.

  • Your sender reputation is incredibly important. If you have a poor email sender reputation, you could be sending out emails to no one at all. MassMailer’s email deliverability features provide comprehensive solutions to defeat many common issues.

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